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Capoeira for Children

Fit And Fab
No. 85-A (First Floor), Jalan SS14/1, 47500, Subang Jaya
7 years - 17 years
Towel and a bottle of water
Arrive before
15 minutes
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Yes - Street Parking

Capoeira for Children

Capoeira is a well-known and popular martial art all over the world. It is often included in schools and universities programs. You will see it in movies, music clips, etc. It is also known that Capoeira has influenced several dancing styles like brake and hip-hop.

Benefits of Capoeira and How It Helps our Children:

1. Fun and eye-catching.
2. Develops balance, coordination.
3. Develops a general level of fitness and flexibility.
4. Develops a sense of rhythm and awareness of your own body.
5. The musical aspect of Capoeira helps children feel more comfortable and more willing to exercise.
6. Training Capoeira also builds self-esteem and helps children to develop a sense of identity as an individual, as a member of a nurturing community and as a member of global society.
7. Builds personalities through self-expression in a fun and playful way.
8. Develops the potential of each individual in their ability to learn in school and have a positive influence on life in general.

Please note:

1) For first time users only.
2) Booking for this activity allows your child to attend for 2 sessions.
3) You can specify your preferred date and time for your second session when you attend the first session.


Fit And Fab
No. 85-A (First Floor), Jalan SS14/1, 47500, Subang Jaya
Office Tel: 0122773166
Website: www.facebook.com/kevalabeat


At Fit and Fab we recognize FUN as a mediator for learning… We would like to believe that our children have the greatest potential to absorb and integrate new concepts when they are ? LAUGHING ? SMILING ? CONFIDENT ? POSITIVE