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The Five Elves Musical: A Magical Journey

2 years - 99 years
Arrive before 45 minutes
Sun, Thu, Fri, Sat
8:00pm - 9:30pm
Yes, covered parking
Music & Rhythm


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Astro Xiao Tai Yang (XTY) has been the No.1 Chinese-language kids learning channel in Malaysia for the past decade.
Its signature show, Tong Tong’s Wonderland, is Astro’s highest-rating Chinese-language kids content.
Moreover, its numerous characters seen in Jollyfish and Doo Doo Rhythm & Beat resonate well with the kids.
Over the years, XTY characters have made cameos at kids-related events and festivals while attracting huge crowds along the way.
XTY then saw there was a strong demand for a musical with localized sentiments and that was how the team came up with the idea of having its very first original musical created by Malaysians for Malaysian kids, “The Five Elves: A Magical Journey (The Musical)”.
As part of XTY’s efforts to advocate the five pillars of learning - learning, thinking, competing, creating & developing character – the musical provides children with a head start for a lifelong active learning through performing arts.


1. 票价不含RM2 ticketing fee;

2. 家庭配套优惠已于2018年9月30日结束;

3. 特别优惠码(Promo Code)只适用于一般购买(家庭配套以及团购优惠除外)

4. 演出票品具有唯一性、时效性等特殊属性,如非活动变更、活动取消、错误的原因外,入门票一旦售出,不提供退款以及退换票服务,购票时请务必仔细核对并审慎下单;

5. 购票者将会通过电邮获取e-ticket,请确保填写有效电邮以及获取正确数目的票;

6. 观众需要展示e-ticket才可入场,请务必保存e-ticket,任何遗失/损坏恕不受理;

7. 请保留收据 (Tax Invoice)以及兑换券,以供兑换礼品与优惠券(如有)或其他用途;早鸟购买、家庭配套以及非配套购买(团购优惠除外)可于演出当天凭收据兑换礼品与优惠券,每张收据只限兑换一份;送完即止;

8. 在6月6日至11月12日期间所有入门票购买者(团购优惠及学生团体除外)可凭每张单据号码 (Purchase Confirmation Booking ID) 或特别盒装的票根号码 (Serial No)报名参加香港迪斯尼有奖竞赛,一张票有一次的参加机会;

9. 主办当局有权以同等价值的产品和优惠券替换,任何询问,恕不受理;

10. 每一名观众皆须凭票入场;

11. 2岁或以上的儿童须持票入场, 并且需要大人陪同。未满2岁儿童不得入场

12. 场内不可利用任何器材进行录影/录音;

13. 场内不可携带食物及饮用水;

14. 场内可用相机进行拍摄但杜绝闪光灯;

15. e-ticket不能转售或用于其它商业目的;如有需要,有关单位须以书面通知主办当局;

16. 主办当局保留最后决定权更改、调整、更换以及升级任何持票者的等级;任何询问,恕不受理;

17. 主办当局保留权利在不通知的情况下,更改细则与条规;

18. 购票前,请详读并了解细则与条规

Terms & Conditions

1) Ticket prices exclude RM2 Ticketing Fee;

2) Family Package offer is ended; 

3) Promo Code is only valid for the purchases excluding Family Package & Group Discount;

4) Once tickets are sold, refund, exchanges, reissues of tickets or cancellations will not be entertained, please check and confirm the details before checkout;

5) The purchaser will get e-tickets through email, please ensure the email is valid and that the correct number of e-tickets are received in order;

6) The e-ticket must be kept and presented on the show day, any loses/damages of e-tickets/email will not be entertained;

7) Please keep the receipt/tax invoices and redemption voucher for any redemptions (if any) or other purposes; The purchasers of Family Package will get 1 gift bag with merchandizes and vouchers and to be redeemed on the show day. The purchasers of non-package (excludes group purchase) are entitled to get 1 set per single receipt only, while stock lasts;

8) All ticket purchasers (from 6/6 /18 to 12/11/18) are entitled to participate the Hong Kong Disneyland Contest with Purchase Confirmation ID or Serial No, each ticket eligible for one entry; 

9) The organizer has the right to exchange the merchandizes and vouchers with other same value products, any queries will not be entertained;

10) 1 e-ticket admits 1 person only;

11) Children 2-year-old & above require a ticket for admission and must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 2 years old are not allowed to enter the hall;

12) Food & drink are NOT allowed in the hall;

13) Any kind of video and audio recording are NOT allowed in the hall;

14) Digital camera is allowed but the use of camera flash is strictly PROHIBITED;

15) Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, without the prior written consent of the Organizer;

16) The Organizer reserves the right to amend, revise, change and/or upgrade tickets holders at its discretion; Any inquiry will not be entertained;

17) The Organizers reserves the right to amend and change the Terms & Condition without notify;

18) Please read and understand the Terms & Conditions of Sale before purchasing ticket.


Please remember to bring your print out confirmation email with QR code or show the QR code from your email at the counter for registration.


Plenary Hall, KLCC


15th March 2019


ASTRO-Measat Broadcast Network System

Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil, Taman Teknologi Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur,

Office Tel: 0122233879
Website: https://www.facebook.com/astroxty