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Right To Play - makchic x LinDees Children's Day PlayDate (Early Bird PlayPass)

1 months - 99 years
Arrive before 15 Minutes
10:00am - 6:00pm
Attractions, Indoor & Outdoor Play


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Child's play takes centre stage with fun activities designed to stimulate imagination, creativity, and sensory processing. Parents can play alongside their children while learning how to use everyday objects for creative and open-ended play, how play can be a medium for children to express their emotions, and how to bond with young children through music and movement. Make a date in support of and celebration of every child's right to play. The Right to Play celebration is in conjunction with the United Nations’ World Children’s Day.

Before Nov 17: RM 30 early bird

Nov 17-24: RM50

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Date and Time of Activity:

Sunday November 24, 2019

10am to 6pm

Right to Play 

makchic LinDees 

Children’s Day PlayDate

Date: Sunday November 24, 2019




Max participants


The Nesting Heart
Founder of The Nesting Heart, Namrita Bendapudi holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Purdue University, USA. Her mission is to inform, empower, and support couples and families in their birth and parenting journeys.

Learning through Play 

As parents, we are given mixed messages everyday about how much children should spend time "learning" and how much they should spend "playing".

In this talk, Namrita offers parents a brand new perspective on play, that is backed by research on neuroscience and psychology and what we know and understand about children, their brains and how they develop. 

Walk away with practical, easy strategies that you can put into use right away at home to truly help your child reach their full potential of physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

30 adults* (ideal for parents of children aged 0 to 6 years) 


Pop! (Power of Play) is a new child - centered play therapy and expressive therapeutic space. This space allows children to express their inner worlds and achieve an understanding of their emotions. Quek Sue Yian is one of the two therapists at Pop! trained under Play Therapy UK regulations. They offer a range of services to journey with the child through grief, adoption, anxiety, trauma, school trouble and any worries.


Anyaman Preschool
Anyaman Preschool is a teacher-owned Reggio Emilia inspired early childhood centre. Through its unique, emergent curriculum, Anyaman aims to offer an environment for children that is nurturing, intellectually rich and holistic, and build a community where families can understand, cultivate, participate in and celebrate their children’s learning.

Power of Play
In this session, Joanna Lim and Quek Sue Yian will outline play and its different functions as practised in preschool and therapeutic settings respectively. Joanna will show a variety of examples of different forms of play used at Anyaman Preschool, while Quek Sue Yian will describe and explore the benefits of play therapy as practised at Pop! Therapy. Both speakers will provide ideas on how to enrich play spaces in the home.

30 adults*


Toy Libraries Malaysia
Toy Libraries Malaysia, a non-profit association is established based on the belief that play, play things and playful interactions are essential to optimal educational, physical, psychological, social and cultural development for all communities, especially children. The main aim of the association is to assist, coordinate, support and facilitate the setting-up, operations, services and monitoring of Toy Libraries in underprivileged neighbourhoods across the country .

Bonding through Play

Fun and engaging play-based activities will be conducted using music and movement to meet purposeful play objectives between parent and child:

·         To connect emotions and play to learning using music and movement 

·         To be aware of the usage of body gestures and eye contact to connect

·         Experience purposeful play and emulate the activities at home

This session is predominantly child-led and parents/guardians will be guided to observe their children’s verbal and non-verbal communication and needs. 

10 adults & 10 children (aged 3 to 6)



Play4Play’Sake are play advocates aiming to give play opportunities for children (disabled and disadvantaged) from all levels of backgrounds to direct their own play.

Being part of the new adventure playground movement, they prioritise play where society needs it most.

It is hoped that children are given easy access to discover the freedom to enjoy open-ended creative adventures and child-led plays in a safe space. 

Play without Boundaries

A play event for all ages. Discover how much fun you can have with ‘loose junk’ or more attractively termed as ‘Pop-Up Adventure Play’. 

There will be a sharing session with parents on how you can make everyday objects fun and engaging for children. 

Set your child free and let them play with the everyday objects provided.



30 adults and 30 children (ideal for children aged 3 to 10 years)

Note: Kidxy will be contacting you to reserve your desired session. You may choose to attend more than one session. Please show up at the relevant venue 15 minutes before the activity to confirm your participation. We reserve the right to release your reservation otherwise. Thank you. 

Every child or adult who is participating in any of the above sessions will require a PlayPass each. PlayPass holders may purchase playground entrance for toddlers (7 months - 23 months) at 20% off at LinDees. Infants (0-6 months) enjoy free entry. Non-participating adults who wish to enter the playland may purchase an adult pass at RM9.

*Parents may leave their children in the playland during the session. There is a section where infants and toddlers may be supervised by their caregivers. Older children can enjoy the playland’s facilities. 

Age Group:

0-10 years old, Adults


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LinDees Playland, Lot P18A-P23D 2nd Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre, 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL


24th November 2019


Makchic & Lindees

C-805, Centum @ Oasis Corporate Park, No.2 Jalan PJU1A/2, Ara Damansara

Office Tel: 03-5886 0532
Website: https://www.makchic.com/


Makchic: Makchic is a Malaysian-based online parenting site for urban mothers and fathers. We are passionate about content and projects that reflect and support our chic, curious and spirited mums. We believe in the rich and diverse stories of parenthood that inform, support and uplift all families out there. Lindees: Once upon a time, two great friends had a wonderful vision of creating a safe sanctuary for all kids. A place where learning, bonding, growing and more are always at play, but done the Malaysian way! As parents, they also made sure that all Mommies and Daddies can enjoy the place too, that way everyone will be able to spend more time together and play happily ever after.

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