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8 sessions of KinderGym + Transport by Riding Pink (Optional)

All ages


A fun-filled class where preschoolers are taught basic gymnastics without parents, while interacting with other children and a coach. They learn educational gymnastics, structure and discipline, while developing both gross and fine motor skills, confidence, balance, coordination and social interaction in a lively and positive atmosphere.

Age : 3 - 6 years old

Time slots

1) Monday (2.30pm OR 3.30pm OR 4.30pm)

2) Tuesday (1.30pm OR 3.30pm OR 4.30pm)

3) Wednesday (1.30pm OR 2.30pm OR 3.30pm OR 4.30pm)

4) Thursday (1.30pm OR 2.30pm OR 4.30pm)

5) Friday (1.30pm OR 2.30pm OR 3.30pm OR 4.30pm)

6) Saturday (10am OR 11am OR 12pm)

PS: Don't have transport to send your child to this activity? Fret not, you can pair your activity with a ride from Riding Pink, Malaysia's First Women's-Only Transportation Platform. After receiving the confirmation email for your purchase, reply to the email with your pick-up/drop-off information. Parents will be able to meet driver before confirmation of ride. 

*rate for ride depending on distance*


No 1-3 3rd Floor, Jalan Solaris 3


29th June 2017

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