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Kids Public Speaking Weekly Classes (12 weeks)

7 years - 12 years


To excel, our children need to think beyond the school curriculum and look further beyond what they have grown accustomed to in school in order to build self-confidence, creative thinking and resilience. 

eBright provides soft skill training services to children in a fun environment and interactive voice. With our public speaking courses, your child will learn how to express in a more open manner, become more confident and so much more!

Operating Time: 

Every Saturday or Sunday  (9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 5.15 PM) *Please contact E-bright at 010-9898351 to make an appointment after purchasing with Kidxy.


  • Kids  (7 to 12 years old)


Find out more about E-Bright HERE . Speaking Weekly Classes With extra emphasis on constant interaction, eBright's programmes are designed to be educational and incredibly fun. Besides learning the ropes on how to become an excellent public speaker, kids will also find themselves thinking much more creatively as a whole. This is an invaluable platform for children to practice speaking in public, as opportunities like these are rare and few between. At eBright, we help kids to consolidate their knowledge, hone their public speaking skills and gain exposure to interesting and pertinent topics.


1. Classes are conducted weekly at various locations for about 60 - 90 minutes each.

2. Classes are all conducted in English

3. This offer is for 12 weeks  lessons. 


No.21-2, Jalan USJ 10/1D, Taipan Business Centre


31st December 2020

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