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Mommy and Baby Workout - 2 Trial Class for Mommies

60 years



Appointment Basis * Please contact B Studios at 012-2069974 to confirm 2 trial classes of your choice and slots after purchasing with Kidxy. 


0 years old to 60 years old


This trial class package is valid for 2 classes with 2 weeks validity from date of purchase. Packages will give you access to ALL our group classes. Cancellations or changes to bookings must be made with a minimum of 12 hours notice, otherwise will result to a forfeited session.

These are some of the classes we offer at B Studios:

  • BPlus: Low Impact Circuit Training for new mums or those who prefer a workout with less stress on their joints. Babies are welcome in this class! A PLUS version of our B intense course, you can use your baby as extra weight with your baby carrier, or simply carry them while you squat, lunge, push and press! a fun and interactive way to include your baby in your workout. This class is strength based circuit training with low impact but a promise that it still works your heart and muscles
  • Mommy Body Back : A workout that’s designed to help postpartum mommies (whether newly postpartum or beyond) shred their pregnancy baby weight, reconnect with their core and pelvic floor, and get back into fitness post pregnancy.Pregnancy and labour is hard work! Whether you gave birth naturally or via c section, having a baby undoubtedly changes your body and you inner core muscles.The 1 hour session involves a combination of mild cardio, strength training and rehab moves to reconnect ones inner core and pelvic floor activation! This is to help avoid the problems of a weak core such as ab-separation, incontinence, prolapse and other core dysfunction in the future. It is also Baby-friendly so that new mums can effectively work on themselves whilst keeping Baby close to them
  • Baby Friendly Yoga Sculpt: Workout inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates, as well as strength training. Transform your entire body into a long, lean and limber physique. Moving the body with control while flowing with emphasis on technique and form. Yoga with your baby age 6 weeks till crawling. This is a fun baby and mommy yoga class which is light and fun! Feel free to pick up your baby and feed her, rock her, change her diaper, or walk her around the room if she cries. Yoga elements will be incorporated into this normal routine and will allow you to relax an bond with your baby. It’s a good time to meet other new moms and share your experiences ! Suitable from 6 weeks onwards till crawling / you can manage the baby in class.
  • Multi-levelled Circuit training with strength & cardio elementsAs the name suggests – Intense and Challenging! High intensity, circuit style training with emphasis on metabolic conditioning, strength training, and endurance, suitable for beginners to advanced levels. Each class is designed to provide a total body work out for functional results to make you lean and strong.  Modifications are also carefully designed for postpartum mothers who might want a more challenging workout.

  • B Groove Plus (+):  Babywearing dance class! Dance your heart out , have fun and sweat with other mummies! You can attach your baby safely to your body and dance to the music whilst effectively bonding with your little one in a safe and fun exercise routine. Designed to get your heart rate pumping whilst entertaining your baby too!


1. This offer is only for first time purchaser to B studios only. 

2. The classes are valid within 2 weeks after purchase. 

3. BStudios is located on the second floor. Please back at Bangsar Village and walk up with carrier.

4. This is a baby friendly establishments. Below are the play area and changing area for kids: 


42-2, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


13th August 2019

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