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TweedleWink Program Tour + TweedleWink Home Play Kit

6 years



Appointment Basis

* Please contact Tweedlewink at 012-2656018 (Damansara Centre) or 012-2436018 (Puchong Centre) to book an appointment after purchasing with Kidxy. 

*The product need to be picked up during Program Tour at the Centre.


Product and program suitable for 0 years old - 6 years old.

Description of Program Tour: 

1 Hour TweedleWink Program Tour that includes: 

• 20 minutes program briefing: To understand why right brain education important to your child.

• 10 minutes Class Observation:  One way mirror observation to TweedleWink’s class activity.

• 10 minutes Demo Session: Bring your child to experience TweedleWink’s class activity.

• Bring back a Right Brain Education Early Phonics Playbook.  It presents learning phonics concepts in a right-brain manner.

Description of product: 

These lesson materials are designed to bring the joy of learning into your relationship with your child. In this set, you will find plenty of cards to link to, and ground the information given in the flashcard lessons. 4 lessons in one and attach with a DVD lesson incorporates the 4 Right Brain Building techniques. 

5 Steps to teach right brain lesson at home:

Step 1: Right Brain Space

Step 2: Card Preparation

Step 3: Lesson Practice

Step 4: Weekly Lesson Schedule 

Step 5: Your Child’s Lesson

Our method encourages whole brain development by linking all right brain technologies – speed learning, photographic memory, intuitive math and language, and the three-dimensional imagination – with the logical, methodical left brain. 


B-2-1, Neo Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya


24th September 2019

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