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Junior Kids Monthly Robotic Class - 4 Sessions

6 years - 17 years



  • Saturday (2.30 pm - 4.00pm)
  • Sunday (10.00 am - 11.30 am) or (2.00 pm - 3.30 pm)
  • *Please contact Junior Robotic Kids at 018-239 0488 / 018-872 3884 to make an appointment for your first slot. Next schedule will be given upon attendance. 


6 years and above


4 Weeks (Once a week, 1 Hour 30 Minutes per session)


In this class, children will be introduced to Robotis Dream II series educational robotic kit. Dream II series kits are designed and developed to nurture the students in understanding the internal structure of an object and machine, its automatic movement / operation. With these robotics kits, your children will reap the benefits by not only learning about the basics of robotics movements and scientific principles but also learn to take charge of the learning process and surpass the normal boundaries of school education.

Robotis Dream II series is:

  • Science : Robotis Dream II is designed to help children understand not only the principle of movement, but also various other science understandings such as force, principle of leverage, elasticity, inertia and more.
  • Creativity: Conventional block toys and figures may be limited and can be boring quite quickly for children in the technological age. Robotis Dream II can be created into robots of any children’s dream!
  • Variety: Robotis Dream II is not only limited to wheeled robots. It allows children to create bipedal, quadrupeds, hexapods as well as other different robots. The educational kits eventually expands into more interesting robots using various sensors.
  • Exciting game : Robotis Dream II is very fun and engaging. This allows children to be attentive and focused while improving their creativity and scientific thinking.
  • Logic: Challenge children to program their own robots using RoboPlus software, a text-based programming software. This software is also being use in other higher level robotics series.
  • Design: Robotis Dream II will change your mind about the stereotypic idea that many people have thinking robots are dull and boring. Robotis Dream II can be expressed in cool and awesome ways!
  • Powerful: Robotis Dream II uses a li-ion battery for easy and convenient use and operation of robots
  • Safe: Robotis Dream II does not require any soldering or dangerous tools to assembly the robot. Not only that, the electric circuits is not open to ensure children’s safety



7th Floor, Block B-3-3A, Setiawalk, 47160, Puchong.


31st October 2019

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