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Kids French Language programme ( 9 to 10 years old)

9 years - 10 years



Saturday 2 pm to 4 pm 


9 years old to 10 years old


Our non-native kids class is a great way to expose your kids to the French language. Whether they are absolute beginners or have some basics in the language already, our project-based courses will provide an education on a variety of topics conducted in French and English to facilitate the learning.

Through various topics and interactive activities, our foster in your child the confidence to start speaking and to develop the vocabulary necessary for daily interactions. While the topics differ from semester to semester, the language skills imparted to the kids will be a constant progression according to the child’s level.

So what will your child learn? Below are some topics that will be covered and the level of difficulty will vary depending on student’s level/capabilities:

1.Native pronunciation of French words

2.Introducing and talking about ones self

3.Basic verbs and their applications

4.Speak, listen, read and write about interesting topics related to the world around (eg weather in different countries and what it is like to live there).

Each learning outcome will be delivered in an interactive and fun way ensuring students participate and are engaged with hands on applications of the vocabulary they learn.


1. Please contact  03-7890 2040 to confirm your time slot after purchase with Kidxy.


B1-5 Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur


26th October 2019

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