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12 Sessions of Football Lessons for Girls + Transport by Riding Pink (optional)

All ages


Designed for Girls - more ball skills plus matches with more players!

This package is for 12 sessions (3 months)

Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes

Age : 10 - 17 years old

Time and Date will be scheduled with Dream Village Football Academy after confirmation.

This package does not include the Registration fee of RM 150 (training kit, PA Insurance for one year and one year club membership)

PS: Don't have transport to send your child to this activity? Fret not, you can pair your activity with a ride from Riding Pink, Malaysia's First Women's-Only Transportation Platform. After receiving the confirmation email for your purchase, reply to the email with your pick-up/drop-off information. Parents will be able to meet driver before confirmation of ride. 

*rate for ride depending on distance*


No. 5, Jalan University, Bandar Sunway


01st December 2017

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