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Baby Messy Play Program by Monster Funland - 6 Sessions (Validity 3 Months)

6 months - 12 months


Messy Play enable child with a great sense of freedom to explore all sorts of possibilities and expand their natural curiosity

  • April Theme - Easter (3rd Week) Messy Play, Summer (4th Week) Messy Play
  • May Theme - Occupation Messy Play
  • June Theme - Ocean Messy Play

Day and Time :

  • Saturday (4.30pm - 6pm)
  • Sunday (10am - 11.30am)


<1 year old


1 hour 30 minutes


Lakeside Residence, No. 77, Jalan Metro 1/10, Bandar Metro Jaya, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia


What is Messy Play? Messy Play offers babies and children a wide range of sensory experiences and adds a great deal to the cognitive and creative development of children as well as being great fun.

Messy Play encompasses a wide range of materials including paint, water, sand, dough, bubbles, pasta and rice, potatoes, jelly, the list is endless. So you get the picture?

There are opportunities for children to grasp, squeeze, scoop, pour, spread, and explore - all important for building up the muscles needed for fine motor skills such as writing.

Benefits of Messy Play:

  1. Creative Development - Build up self-esteem
  2. Cognitive Development - Problem solving skills & learn about cause and effect
  3. Language Development - Fun words such as gooey, squishy, cold and soft during the games
  4. Physical Development - Build their fine motor skills through mixing, pouring, shaking, squirting and even measuring water or other runny liquids
  5. Social & Emotional Development - Learn cooperative skills & develop observation skill
  6. Learn to Deal with Stress and many more - Able to calm or soothing kid's emotion


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Monster Funland

11A-3, Jalan SS 23/11, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Office Tel: 012-238 5553 / 012-616 5668


Monster Funland is a centre that enable children to play and learn under safe and natural environment. Our main program, Messy Play is a great platform for learning through play and quality bonding time for the parents and children (Messy Play + Families Activities). Years of research, plus a fair amount of common sense, has taught us that all children can learn through play, but Messy Play is a really good fun way for children to explore the world around them.


No. 77, Jalan Metro 1/10, Bandar Metro Jaya, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia


31st December 2020

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