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EFK Virtual Workshops: Endless Learning Through Our Interactive Engineering Programs

7 years - 12 years


1. Name of the Activity:

Endless Learning Through Our Interactive Engineering Programs 

2. Description to promote to parents:

Lights, water, action!

Get your child to join our energetic one-hour virtual class to learn about energy, buoyancy, mirrors, lights, and more.
They’ll investigate Newton’s laws and get the opportunity to test out their very own designs
as they build a boat, a waterwheel and even a submarine!

With our experiential learning approach, we’ll bring out creativity, persistence and independence in your child
while keeping their hands and minds busy too.

Immerse them in the fascinating realm of STEM today. Sign them up here. 

3. Age group for the Activity:
7-12 yo

4. Date and Time of the
Activity (Please State whether it's appointment basis / walk in/ Fixed date):
1 October - 4 September 2020
Monday - Sunday (except public holidays)
Time slots :
10am or 2.30pm 
Duration : 1 hour  

5.Terms and Condition (if any):
Registration at least 2 days (Klang Valley) / 4 days (out of Klang valley) before class for delivery of materials

6. Venue of the Activity :

7. Contact number (to contact if this activity is appointment basis):
018-252 8511


30th September 2020

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