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Nurturing Future Leaders

Published on 13 November, 2017

Essential skills to equip your children with for the future

Currently, the world and its people are only growing in competitiveness, and as parents, one is always looking to give their child a better edge, to enable them in being able to tackle the world and be a force to be reckoned with, instead of feeling they lack in certain areas. Such a task begins at home, from a young age, wherein, if the skills below are nurtured into their personalities as children, they will only grow into successful adults and prosper.

Learn a New Language

Apart from a child’s mother tongue, fluency in another language is crucial, to allow your child the capability of keeping up with the world. Languages such as English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are some of the most widely spoken in the world; not just in everyday conversation, but in business as well. Hence, the ability to communicate via a variety of languages would open pathways for a child like no other, both in their personal and professional walks of life.

For children of a young age, in particular, incorporating a new language in their vocabulary is far easier than it is later in life. So, parents, there really is no better time than now to transfer and look into various language skills for your child, and, as we move further towards digitisation, such a feat is made easier for one and all, cutting the cost and effort of having to enrol your child in language classes, and replacing it with a mobile application, for example. We recommend – Duolingo, a free language learning application available both on iPhone and Android.

Curiosity to Read

Reading is a habit many children in today’s day and time are moving away from, and onto more technology-based habits. It is due to this that instigating such a habit to your children is more crucial than ever; not only does reading help to educate your child about worldly events and stories, but, with time, it naturally improves your child’s fluency and vocabulary in the language they are reading in, while allowing them to acquire cognitive abilities as well. The benefits of indulging in the habit to read, suffice to say, are insurmountable.

Here’s a tip: if your child still isn’t buying into the habit of reading, perhaps try mentioning to them that reading is, in fact just like a movie – but in your head!

Picking up a Musical Instrument

Enabling a child’s creativity to flow is essential in allowing them to develop as a well-rounded person. Many parents oftentimes make the mistake of pushing their child only towards academics and letting the artist in them subside. Look at it like this: if a child is not exposed to all areas of learning, whether they are textbook-based or not, they will not be able to gain the skills they require to decide on their own future, leading to many repressed talents which, once they grow as adults, it may be too late to venture into.

More so, did you know that learning a musical instrument can, in fact, alter a child’s brain for the better? It pushes them to develop neurophysiological distinction among a variety of sounds, resulting in improved academic results! Studies have too been linked to increased benefits to children’s central nervous system and intelligence as compared to children who were neglected of such a hobby.

Financial Management

Having the skill to manage one’s finances well is something which, if rooted from a young age, can be of enormous help to a child once they reach of age. Starting with something small such as pocket money and allowing them to budget it well would be the best way to inherit such a skill. Many children too have the idea that money is solely meant for spending rather than saving, a perspective that can be damaging in the future where they are incapable of handling their finances well enough to fend for themselves.

We do realise, however, that many parents, out of love for their child wouldn’t choose to deprive them of extra pocket money if asked for it. This very inclination does not prepare children for the real world and may lead to them being spoilt from a young age concerning money management. Hence, being strict with such a skill, while difficult, would only benefit your child in the future.

Digital Literacy

More than being handy at an iPad to play games, children of this generation should be encouraged at being one with technology, from mobile devices and desktops to wireless routers. Through digitisation, institutions of learning are increasingly becoming more technology-reliant, with many schools too moving from daily lesson diaries to email exchanges between students and teachers. Of course, as with anything digital, keeping a track of what your child is viewing online is all the more necessary.

Another digital skill parents can look into teaching their children, simultaneously, is Coding. As with the current trend of the digital, Coding can at times be an extremely useful skill a child can be paired with, as having a knowledge base of it can open many doors in a variety of industries in their future. Coding skills are being given so much importance that the subject is gradually being implemented as compulsory in schools across the USA.

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