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5 Ways to give more meaningful gifts to your children this Christmas

Published on 04 December, 2017

As a child's Christmas wishlist gets longer each year, you may start to wonder if materialism has started to take over. Buying Christmas presents may be unavoidable. You do want to give your child a little something to make the year end merry and bright, but there are other things you can do to just make sure the spirit of giving doesn't end at the cash register.

Here are some unique gift ideas to teach your child the value of a present.

1. The one 'Want' Rule

Sometimes known as the 2 or 4 gift rule; the one 'want' rule requires that your child provide you a wishlist comprised of only one 'wanted' item. The remaining gifts are 'needs', 'wears', and 'reads'. This method limits the number of gifts a child expects and also forces them to think of their needs (such as clothing and needs) when making out a wishlist because all of these things cost money and should be appreciated.

Depending on your means, you could limit the items to 2 (a want and need item) or all 4 of the above.

2. Have them buy gifts for others

Whether it's for another family member or for less fortunate children, having your child take an interest in giving at Christmas inculcates altruism at a young age. You could allocate a sum of money and ask them to think of what and to whom they'd like to give a present.

You could organise secret Santa amongst your family members; have your children visit orphanages; or buy items to donate to charities collecting Christmas presents for less fortunate children. Encouraging them to take the focus away from what they want is the fastest way to combat the scourge of Christmas Brat-itis!

3. Spend time with them

Instead of giving a physical gift, give your children the gift of your time. Take a vacation together, a simple staycation or blot out days in your calendar to devote to spending time with them, doing whatever they want.

It can be as simple as a trip to the Zoo or the neighbourhood playground at least once a week. Happy memories spent with the family are the best gifts you can give your child.

For most content marketers, this is where we tell you to buy a Kidxy package because hey. It's the perfect gift for your children but we're not going to do that this time. At the end of the day, it's about creating memories and spending quality time with your loved ones, wherever, however, you choose to do it.

4. Give them a Christmas party

Instead of a gift, if your child is social and likes parties with his/her friends – this could be the perfect gift. Give them the option of having a party in the theme they want and with the guestlist of their choice (no old folks to cramp the fun!). Check out our party guide or have the professionals do it.

It's like having a birthday twice a year!

It's the gift that keeps on giving

This may be a tired saying but it's definitely true of the ideas above. Of course, Christmas gift-giving is individual and completely up to you. Do what feels right to you, within your budget. Have a great holiday season!

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