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Monster Play Mats with PopPop Clay


Arts and crafts Activity Kit

Monster Play Mats with PopPop Clay
Price: RM30/set
8 colours PopPop Clay
7 Laminated monster playmats
accessories include wiggle eyes and pipe cleaners

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Unleash your creativity by creating your very own monsters look by giving your monsters some eyes, noses, mouths, teethes, ears, hair and etc etc. You will never go wrong with monster as monster can have all sort of looks. Have fun creating them and have a good laughter with your family and friends. 

What is PopPop Clay
PopPop Clay is similar to playdough, however it is beady in texture.
Our PopPop clay doesn't dry it is reusable over and over again
It is soft and easy to be shape
It can be wash 
It floats on water and you can play with it during bath time

Perfect for busy parents - these hands-on activities are personalised, packed and delivered to your doorstep. They make great gifts too!

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