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Christmas Play Dough Kits


Product Description


  • 4 glitter playdough
  • Christmas theme accessories
  • Christmas play dough mats

How to play?

It is totally up to the child. Each child plays with it in a different  way that naturally fills their need for sensory output & creativity. There is no right or wrong when it comes with creativity. That's the beauty of creativity.

Some kids will build out elaborate scenes and role play with the figurines while other kids will simply squish and knead the dough, unknowingly strengthening the muscles in their hands & fingers that will need them to learn how to hold and write with a pencil correctly.

Happy playing with our Play Dough Kit. Send us pictures or videos of your kids playing with their kits to our facebook or instagram at "Artventure with Sarah" It will make my day every time I get to see their happy little faces and their unique creations!

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Shipment of the boxes  is made between 3 - 5 working days. Delivery will be arranged by Mayhock Triple Enterprise 

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