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As more and more children's skin is highly sensitive to chemicals, you have to choose the gentlest natural skin care products for your children. Any factors such as petrochemical substance, parabens, synthetic fragrances, allergenic preservatives, artificial colors, dyes and detergents can cause harmful effects to your children’s health. Never choose an antibacterial soap.

Éminence Organic Skin Care products are made with fresh fruit pulps, plants and exotic spices from organic environments making them incredibly nutrient rich and not only the healthiest choice for you, but also the most effective, results oriented collection around. At Éminence, we take a natural, holistic approach to skin care to enhance your well-being naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service. 

It is always good to do a spot test before using a new skin care product on children. Apply a small amount of skin care product on your children’s arm and monitor for a full day. If there are any red patches or any irregularity occurs on your children’s skin, discontinue the product.

We Believe in:     

  • Organic                     
  • Natural               
  • Biodynamic®       
  • Sustainable           

We say NO to:

  • Parabens   
  • Phthalates
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Propylene Glycol

*Eminence organic skin care  are suitable for women, men, teens , even kids/babies or those with skin cancer.

Product Description:

1)Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer

A soothing regenerating moisturizer for mature, sensitive, sun-damaged skin. Sweet red rose petals moisturize and rejuvenate, minimizing fine lines and resulting in a velvety, smooth, dewy texture. Created with fragrant sweet red rose petals, pectin and lemon juice.

Key Ingredients

  • Sweet Red Rose Petals: antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing
  • Sweet Red Rose Extract: enriches and nourishes
  • Bioflavonoids: enrich, nourish and moisturize the skin
  • BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin

How To Use

Apply a layer of moisturizer over the entire face and neck area. Leave on. For a lighter application, emulsify a small amount of moisturizer in your hand with a few drops of water. For extra hydration, apply a thicker layer on dry areas.


2)Stone Crop Body Oil

Soothe and soften dry skin with a lightweight body oil that absorbs quickly, leaving a matte satin finish. The combination of stone crop and arnica makes this lightly scented oil ideal for massage, hand and foot treatments or daily moisturizing.

Key Ingredients

  • Stone Crop: moisturizes and brightens the appearance of skin
  • Arnica: reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • Rosehip Oil: hydrating; antioxidant-rich; source of EFAs, Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene; improves moisture, tone and texture and minimizes the look of dark spots
  • Avocado Oil: rich in antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and Vitamins A, D and E; moisturizes skin
  • Indian Gooseberry: antioxidant; firms, tones and softens skin; reduces the look of dark spots; assists in moisture retention and protects skin’s moisture barrier

How to Use

Dispense an appropriate amount of oil for massage and warm in hands prior to application or apply to cleansed skin as a moisturizer. Leave on. Do not use on broken or abraded skin. Alternatively, mix 1–3 drops of oil in your hand with your favorite body lotion or add 1–2 capfuls to your bath.

3)Lilikoi Mineral Defense Sport Sunscreen SPF 30

An easy-to-apply sport formulation for face and body, this SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is non-greasy and water-resistant up to 40 minutes. Highly effective for outdoor activities like swimming and high-performance sports where perspiration can impact standard sunscreen efficacy, this zinc oxide sunscreen protects from head to toe.

Key Ingredients

  • Zinc Oxide: natural mineral blocks UV rays to protect skin from sunburn
  • Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil: contains Vitamin C and antioxidants which help with the visible signs of aging
  • Raspberry Seed Oil: moisturizer. Antioxidant and rich in Vitamin C which minimize the appearance of aging
  • Aloe Vera: moisturizer; soothes dry skin, alleviates the appearance of damage from sun exposure, hydrates and softens the skin

How to Use

Apply a liberal layer over the face and body 15 minutes before sun exposure and leave on. Reapply at least every 2 hours. Reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating and immediately after towel drying.

please contact My Beauty Cottage at 014-6322 368 for more information about the product. 

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