School Of Music

100-L1. 009 The School Block J, Jaya One, No. 72A Jalan University Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 46200 - view on map
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We are a music school run by passionate, experienced and award winning musicians! We love music. Its our passion. We are driven by it. We breathe it and don't have friends outside of it. We curate the soundtrack of our lives through the music we love. And we love it all. From Beethoven to Pearl Jam, Mozart to Tupac, The Rolling Stones to Adele – and everything in between – we love it all. We sing in showers, listen to soppy love songs in cars, play guitars in the office and blast booming beats after sunset. We are also a paradox. We appreciate the strength of structure, yet understand the power of going beyond boundaries. Technique driven by passion. Poetry held in balance by melody. Words put together through music. Someone once defined intelligence as the ability to hold two opposing ideas in balance. We aspire to do the same, for ourselves and the community around us. We seek to inspire our reality through our imagination. We are award winners, experienced mentors, industry experts and inspirational icons. We are even accountants and corporate strategists. We say that with all the humility in the world, for we are always learning. We are less of teachers, but more of guides. We shall help light the way for our students to choose their paths. We shall encourage the individual, but make them part of something bigger. We shall seek to inspire, never be afraid to speak the truth, be stern when we must and love all, always.