Clayci Art and Handicraft

No.5 SS2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya - view on map
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CLAYCI provides a NEW vision for ART Education. In CLAYCI we provide classes for adult & children from age 4 years old and above to learn Art & Craft in 2D (drawing work) and 3D (sculpturing work) way of learning. Through CLAYCI’s program children will be guided step-by-step on drawing & modeling the sculpture characters developed with their “additional” creations. Art activates the creative part of our brain. By learning Arts it activates the imaginative and creative side of our brain and benefits the brain by training it to think outside the box. Say in today's real world, art is the property of fine artists which the artistic side of the brain helps engineers to solve problems. Whereas for children, It helps children to understand concepts with greater ease and aids children in getting better grades. In many different ways, Arts helps people make the world a better place.