Apollo Art Class

Suite 203, Block D, Level 2, Phileo Damansara 1, Jalan 16/11, No.9 off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya - view on map
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Apollo Art Class teaches many types of art classes ranging from water colour which has long been a favored medium of many an artist, although many seek to delve straight in where angels fear to tread. Watercolors are arguably one of the hardest media to learn and control, although it's often the accidental nature of watercolors that give them their popularity. They also have art classes teaching oil painting, despite the costs, smell, required expertise and the pain of cleaning up afterward, oil paints remain one of the most flexible of media, lending itself to many techniques. Probably considered one of the hardest of media, probably due to the vast amount of technical information a person can digest on the subject, it is certainly one of the most fun and forgiving. Art is about learning to see and possessing the discipline for regular practice without innate talent. Painting · Re-discover your latent talents in painting or improve your skills. · Involve yourself in this hobby for relaxation. · You will learn the basic art strokes, recognize and mix colours, view and paint objects in the proper perspective. · The Artist will personally guide and show you the technique and approach.