Fun Learning Seeds

B-2-2, Plaza Damas 3, Block B, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 - view on map
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Fun learning seeds planting the seeds for transformation. We believed that effective education programs involve teaching children how to effectively apply the knowledge they acquired so that learning is practical, relevant and meaningful. On top of that, education for parents and teachers are equally important to plant the seeds for transformation to our next generations.

- We believe that children learn best in a fun, loving and positive environment so that they will grow up to be happy, confident and loving adults;
- Education should inculcate independence in the child through self discovery and interactive programs which transform learning into a passion rather than a chore;
- Values determine behavior. Fun Learning Seeds’ system is an integrated and multi-faceted approach to provide healthy and holistic learning for children. Character comes first. It is the basis of a solid education in life;
- Children will be groomed to be life-long learners and be able to become outstanding professionals in whatever career they choose to embark on because of their specialized knowledge and their responsible & reliable characters;
- Our teaching approach comes from educate the parents first as parents play significant roles in their parenting journey and children’s growth.